Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's Good To Be Home

Spent yesterday afternoon driving up to PA so that I could attend a meeting today and present a demo of some of the work we've been doing to another company. Luckily by the time I left yesterday the roads were pretty clear even though it had snowed (and yes, I know the picture above is out of focus, but that happens when you take a picture while driving 70 mph). This trip was why I felt I had to go ahead and just get the tires done earlier in the week. I didn't really want to be driving up to PA on bald tires since they get snow up there all the time (the guys up there said they get a little bit of snow just about every day). I had to be back home tonight though since Ginger had another session to attend up at the school. This time it was a presentation on the elementary school program. So basically I did a lot of driving in past two days. I had originally planned on leaving PA around two today, but we started going over system / software requirements around 12:45. After they spent almost 30 minutes on one requirement, I decided I wasn't going to be adding anything to the conversation (at least nothing polite), so I packed up and headed home.

My guess is no one's going to be sailing on this lake anytime soon. On the way up yesterday I saw a couple of people walking across the ice on this lake. I remember thinking that seemed a bit dangerous. Then I remembered I used to do stuff like that as a kid all the time. We used to test the ice by throwing a big honking boulder onto the ice and if it didn't go through, it must be safe. In retrospect that probably wasn't the smartest thing we ever did since that boulder could have cracked and weakened the ice and now the ice had to support our weight in addition to the weight of the huge rock we threw onto it. Funny how your mentality about things like that shifts as you get older. What seemed completely reasonable to me years ago now would scare me out of my wits if my kids did it. I better stop before I ended up sounding like the grumpy old man ("I like things better the way they were before...").

And just for grins here's a few more pictures from yesterday's morning sledding adventure.

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