Monday, February 26, 2007

More Snow Fun

I came home early today. I figured with the rising temperatures it doesn't look like the snow will be around tomorrow so if I was going to get outside for sledding with the kids it would have to be today. I base this assessment on the fact that both snowmen we made yesterday had already melted to the point where they collapsed this afternoon. And based on how much snow melted today with the temperature in the 40s, I can only imagine how much will melt tomorrow when temperatures are suppose to hit somewhere in the 50s.

Unfortunately today is Catherine's ballet lessons, so she couldn't stay and go out for sledding, but Quinn and I were able to play around outside for a bit. We started by trying to rebuild the two snowmen that had collapsed from heat exhaustion. I was able to put the big one somewhat back together, but Quinn didn't get to far into getting the small guy back up again. I don't think it was helping that he was trying to build it using a plastic toy shovel.

Then we went around back for some sledding. With the snow as wet as it was from melting, the sledding conditions were far from ideal. I've noticed that packing snow is typically only good for sledding initially and subsequent days just aren't as good. And you have to remember the snow had been rained on the day before and melted a fair amount today. Overall it was fine, you just couldn't get a lot of speed on the runs (which from one point of view was good because it meant I didn't have to worry about Quinn running into a tree as he went down solo).

The hill itself was fine for the most part, but the bottom of the hill was very slushy. I think we destroyed some of the ground as we walked up the hill between runs as I noticed that when we would slide walking up the hill we went through the snow, the grass and all the way into the dirt sometimes.

While we were around back, Quinn showed me how to make frog footprints in the snow using your hands. I don't know who taught him that, because it wasn't me.

And this shot basically proves anything looks good with the proper lighting conditions.


BullBunky said...

You are just really good at this, James.

JamesF said...

Thanks. Now if I could just translate pictures of kids it into other pictures in general...

dashrb said...

I think he meant the part about ditching work, not taking pictures.

JamesF said...

dashrb: I think he meant the part about ditching work, not taking pictures.

Good point. I don't think I've quite completely mastered ditching, but I've definitely got a knack for it. Maybe I should take a sabbatical like Pete.