Saturday, February 10, 2007

Autumn's Birthday Party

This weekend was Autumn's birthday party and both Quinn and Catherine were invited. It was at the Little Gym. Amanda was there too. Both Quinn and Catherine were little whirlwinds of energy as they raced around from one activity to the next. I'm thinking it probably got them good and tired out. Not tired enough for them to nap mind you, but hopefully tonight they'll sleep soundly.

A lot of the pictures I took ended up with that weird ghosty after effect that I've seen before when taking pictures indoors with the flash. Wish I knew for certain what causes that. I'm beginning to think it might be a setting on the flash that's wrong. I replaced the batteries in the flash before we went to the party and maybe the default setting when it powers up isn't what I want it to be. That's really something I should have checked before just starting to take pictures, but I was more concerned with conserving the camera's power since I was running low.

Later for dinner we met up with everyone at (wait for it...) Red Robin. Amanda fell asleep in her chair before dinner arrived. My kids were mesmerized by the movie Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo playing on the cartoon network for the entire time we were there. It's not that they like the Teen Titans, I think it's more that it was a cartoon and they simply are fascinated with TV since we don't let them watch it that often.


Barry said...

was it a coincidence that everyone was wearing red?

JamesF said...

Yes. Just a weird happenstance.