Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl? Who Cares!

Razzum Frazzum. So as I mentioned last year around this time, I'm to the point where I don't really care about the Super Bowl anymore. The only reason I even watch these days is for the commercials or if I happen to be involved in a squares pool. This year Rob never got around to doing the squares pool at work, so that was one less incentive. I should add that Rob did eventually do one right before the game, and I had him pick some squares for me and got in on that one, but my numbers were so bad I figure they must have rigged it somehow to insure I wasn't going to win. Further cementing my belief it was rigged is the fact that I think I saw Rob won three of the four quarters, a bit suspicious if you ask me. Anyway, I had set up the game to tape on the new TiVo so I could watch the commercials in HD later on. Turns out that the CBS HD feed wasn't broadcasting for some reason, so I didn't actually tape it. Of course I didn't find this out until over an hour into the game, and the TiVo was happily recording the HD channel with nothing on it just to add insult to injury. By the time I got back downstairs from putting the kids to bed, the game was more than half over, so I just gave up on it since I figured by that point all the good commercials had probably already aired. Plus I figure some online site will have all the commercials available for viewing tomorrow or later in the week.

Other than that, nothing too exciting happening here today. Ginger had nursery duty at church this morning. Hopefully she won't get sick later in the week because of it. Catherine is still very much attached to her doll Catie. This morning she brought her down and fed her breakfast. Ginger informed me the doll is not new like I thought it might be, but has been around for months. Catherine has just recently really taken a shine to the doll for some reason though. Nana was here for half the day also before she left. The weirdest part of the day was probably at dinner where Quinn announced that he was praying that a baby brother would grow in Mommy's tummy. And right after Quinn dropped this bombshell Catherine decided there should be a baby sister in there. Meanwhile I'm sitting there wondering if they somehow know something I don't.


gaz. arrggg! said...

i kind of get the idea that nascar is the big thing in your household, am i right?

JamesF said...

Quinn's the big NASCAR fan around here. Ginger and I know a bit about it now just because of osmosis. And I let Quinn watch the Super Bowl for about 5 minutes before he went to bed (it was just at the end of the first quarter) and he really liked it. To be honest though, he likes just about anything where he gets to watch TV since we don't let him watch that much. This morning Quinn was a bit upset that we hadn't taped the game so he could see the end of it. So I may need to tape it next year (or maybe I'll just tape the pro bowl or whatever the next football game that comes on is).

dashrb said...


You had: 3-3, 6-0, 4-4, 4-0, and 7-1 and you claim that "my numbers were so bad...".

You *must* be the world's number one complainer!

Oh, and I TiVo'd the game, so when I have some time, I can sit down and watch the commercials, skipping through the predictable parts (the game, that is).

I never thought I'd do *that* with my TiVo. Skip the programming so I can focus on the commercials. Sheesh. "My IQ is dropping by the minute! I'm becoming one of THEM!!!" (bonus points if you ID the quote)

JamesF said...

dashrb: You *must* be the world's number one complainer!

I think I came in third, some dude in Russia came in first and some guy living in his basement in Cleavland who thinks aliens can hear his thoughts took second.

dashrb: "My IQ is dropping by the minute! I'm becoming one of THEM!!!" (bonus points if you ID the quote)