Saturday, February 03, 2007

Mall Trip

We headed off the the mall today so that Ginger and I could get haircuts. Catherine insisted on bringing a stroller for her (new?) doll. She has named this doll Catie, which apparently sounds like Katie but is spelled with a a C instead (Catherine's choice on the spelling). It didn't take too long before Catherine got bored with pushing around the stroller though and Quinn ended up pushing it while Catherine sat it in. I let the kids play with the Reactrix that was there while Ginger got her hair cut. Catherine initially wouldn't play (I think because there were just too many kids at one point), but once the crowd using it died down some Catherine got in and played with it some too.

Both kids were really exhausted today from getting up a bit earlier than they should have. That coupled with Quinn appears to have gotten sick again meant he was on edge most of the day. He's got a cough again. I suppose it's possible it might be a holdover from last time he was sick, but it seemed like he had gotten over the last one and that this is probably something new. And tonight his breathing seemed a bit ragged, so hopefully whatever he's got clears up quickly and doesn't set off an asthma attack or anything.

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