Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Snow Pile

The good news is they finally plowed our street today. Only took them a full week to get to us. The bad news is they piled up the snow right in front of our driveway. Guess who got to go out this morning and shovel the street to clear a path out for us. I can't believe they wait this long to scrape our road and then pile it up like that. I mean at this point why even bother scraping it. With the temperature today being in the 50s, a lot of the snow melted by itself and the road would have probably been mostly, if not completely, cleared by tonight anyway (I say that since areas that weren't scraped were clear tonight, and the only snow left on the road at this point is where they piled it up).

Catherine had her four year doctor's check up today. She's doing really well according the doctors (except for the eczema). She's not color blind, although we already knew that. How did we know? Two years ago when Quinn was getting tested for color blindness and they showed him the cards and asked what the pictures were, Catherine kept answering for him, so we were pretty sure she wasn't color blind. She's also in the high percentiles for weight and height. Which isn't too surprising since she's pretty tall compared to other girls her age.

I had originally planning on going to the doctor appointment with everyone, but at the last minute got dragged into help figure out why some software I had written a while back wasn't working properly. Here's hint why, after some investigation it turns out earlier in the week there was smoke coming from the hardware. No one bothered to mention that to the guys working the integration effort though.

And here's the last snow picture I plan on putting up for a while.

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Scott said...

You said "paved" but I guess you meant "plowed".