Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Quinn Comes Home

Ginger and Catherine went and met Grammy and everyone for lunch to pick up Quinn today. Based on how he was acting when I got home I think he was pretty worn out. Overly tired and especially cranky. Nothing like having him tell you he doesn't want to be at home and wants to go back to Grammy's house. Can't you just feel the love?

On the positive side Ginger said he ate something new today. Donut holes from Krispy Kreme. Not really sure that actually qualifies as a positive new thing in my mind, but Ginger was seemed pretty excited about it. At first I didn't see the significance since he has eaten donut holes in the past, but Ginger informed me these were glazed which he has always rejected before. Evidently in the past he's only eaten the cake donut holes. Still not sure the child eating donuts is something to get too excited about, but I guess it's something new.

Speaking of Ginger, she corrected me this morning about yesterday's blog entry where I stated Catherine asked to go to the toy store. Evidently she didn't ask and Ginger took her by because the toy store had sent Catherine a 20% off any one item coupon in the mail for her birthday. So I stand corrected.

Finally another snow picture. Everyone that's getting bored with the snow shots raise your hands.

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BullBunky said...

James. I've been quite lax, but the b&w shot at the end is really quite nice.