Thursday, March 01, 2007

Parent's Night

Quinn's doing a bit better. He's still running a fever, but at least it's no longer 103 degrees while he has medicine in him anymore. Now it's just running around 101 degrees at night with medicine. Which means that once again I'll have my alarm set for 2 am so I can get up and give him another dose of Motrin. I managed to botch resetting my alarm after I was finished last night. After I gave him the medicine I ended up changing the time on my clock instead of the alarm time, so my alarm didn't actually go off this morning.

Tonight was parent's night at school. Ginger and I were suppose to take the kids to see what kind of work they're doing. Obviously Quinn didn't go, and since Ginger has gone and observed several times she let me take Catherine. Catherine was actually very excited about taking me. It was ... odd, but in a very good way. She's always been much closer to Ginger and so this was a welcome change for her to be this interested in including me in something.

It was raining, so we had to break out the kids umbrellas from the car once we got there. I don't have a picture, but I'm carrying an umbrella about the size of the one Catherine has and it's a ladybug. I looked very manly.

I ended up taking the small Nikon point and shoot. That was a mistake. I really don't like the way that camera works indoors. The flash is too powerful and whitewashes the photos unless you're about 9 to 11 feet away from the subject. And even if the subjects are the correct distance, probably more than half the time you'll end up with horrible red eye in the pictures. If you don't use the flash the pictures come out blurry and tinged with yellow (the yellow is probably due to the florescent lights). I got a couple pictures that are barely passable, but nothing that I considered good.

This was Catherine showing me the golden beads. They use these to learn numbers up to 1000 (which is how many beads make up the cube she's holding).

I have no idea what this thing was suppose to teach. I think it was for the younger kids and you're just suppose to match the colors. At this point Catherine was just trying to show me everything in the class she's worked on at anytime in the past. At least I hope that's the case. I really hope she's not just matching the three primary colors all day long.

Let's play a game. See if you can spot the parent that plays for the Washington Wizards basketball team.

After showing me the movable alphabet, and then some trinomial cube thing she decided she wanted to iron for a while. I was amazed they let the kids do this (they have to be supervised to do it, but still). Evidently I'm not a good supervisor since Catherine burned her hand at one point. It wasn't a bad burn, I think she scooted the iron into her hand and she pulled it away really quick. After that one of the teachers came over and told me they're suppose to keep the other hand behind their back when they iron, and I suspect Catherine was taking advantage of the fact that I didn't know that. After that I made sure she kept the other hand behind her back (I had to keep reminding her, which I thought after the burn I wouldn't have to do anymore).

And then it was time to head home. Which is a shame because Catherine had lots more she wanted to show me, so I had to promise to come back during the day sometime so she could show me other stuff she does. I was smart and didn't promise any specific time though, but I may try and do it within the next couple of weeks or so.


gaz. arrggg! said...

let me see... the wizards player must be that big fella on the left, just look at how small he makes that chair look.

gaz. arrggg! said...

good morning. i thought i'd start your day off with a riddle.
when i click on your pics to open them up, it asks me whether i want ot save or open them. if i choose open - it loads up my photo software rather than a new web window.
the only reason i mention it is that it doesn't do this on any other blog!

Scott said...

Bizarrely enough, I see the same thing Gaz is seeing, but it asks me which application I want to use. I'm viewing with Firefox I'm too lazy to try it in IE.

JamesF said...

My first guess (and I really don't think this is too much of a stretch), is that blogger is busted. I've noticed various things that seemed off for the past couple of days: visual word verification not actually showing a word to verify, the Google homepage acting nuts in regards to rss feeds, and now this.

As near as I can determine it's because I strip off the "-h" in the URL. The server isn't returning the correct header information to tell you it's a picture (at least that's my running guess). And it doesn't look like it's just my blog, but you see it on mine due to the stripped "-h". Take this picture on Scott's blog), then right click (in Firefox, no idea if you can do this in IE) and choose "View Image" and the same thing happens. My guess is once Google fixes their server issues the problem should clear up. Guess I shouldn't have been stripping off the "-h" or I should be using AOL to load pictures like Barry does.

Scott said...

Don't use AOL. They'll be gone in five years... and your blog with them.

JamesF said...

More info. The server is returning the correct information to say it's a picture, it's just added an extra line that wasn't there before.

The request for the image has started returning the line "Content-Disposition: attachment".

That's what's causing the popup (because I'm referencing the image directly with the URL and it's adding that line in when referenced). I wrote a tech support issue to blogger about it, but who knows when or if it will get fixed anytime soon (or even whether they think that the current behavior is incorrect).

Barry said...

I think AOL will more than likely be merged with a Yahoo, Google, or Microsoft in the next few years.

And, I'm running and I see the word verification.