Thursday, February 15, 2007

Solid Sheet Of Ice

Later in the day yesterday some of the snow and ice started melting, and then last night it got really really cold. So now there's a solid sheet of ice on top of everything. And the temperature never got warm enough today for it to start melting either. Because of that, it's weird walking around outside. It feels a lot like walking on a frozen pond. You know there's a layer of snow and stuff below you, and yet the layer of ice on top is so thick you don't fall through or even crack the ice.

All that of course meant no school again today for the kids, and schools already announced around 5 PM tonight that they would be closed tomorrow also. Apparently some of the school parking lots and outdoor walkways still haven't been cleaned, hence the closing (in addition to the fact that secondary roads, like ours, haven't been cleared yet and are difficult to navigate). And the subfreezing temperature last night and today didn't help any. And since Monday is President's Day, that means kids around here are in the middle of a 6 day weekend.

As I alluded to above, our street was never plowed. You probably can't tell where it starts, but you can actually see the street behind Catherine in the picture above. Ginger was suppose to take Catherine and meet up with her parents somewhere halfway to Richmond so that Catherine could visit them for a couple of days, but Ginger didn't want to risk driving. Even though I told her the major roads would be completely fine she was still worried. Our entire neighborhood is a complete mess, but from what I've seen if you can make it the one mile to one of the main roads, you're fine from there on out.

We took the kids out briefly before lunch (when we still thought Ginger might be leaving around noon), but we didn't stay out for too long. It was just too cold out. Since there's a sheet of ice over the ground, the kids started sledding without a sled by sliding along the ground. I was able to slide down the hill in the back. It felt a lot like skateboarding without a skateboard (meaning turning wasn't going to be happening).

And here's another photo from yesterday before the sun and wind cleared all the ice off the trees.

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