Wednesday, February 07, 2007


We didn't get as much snow as the forecasts were saying we would. I think we ended up with just under an inch. And it's not packing snow either. It's the fluffy kind. I didn't even need a shovel to clear the walkway, a broom worked much better. The bad thing about that is it means the snow isn't that great for making a snowman. Nor is it ideal for sledding, but we managed to get a few runs in nonetheless.

Schools were closed, so the kids got to stay home. You would have thought Quinn won the lottery when I told him schools were closed. It was "Yay! No School!" over and over and over while jumping up and down for about a full minute. He apparently feels very strongly about not going to school. Since the kids didn't have to go to school, I decided to stay home this morning also for sledding since I had promised I would go sledding the next time it snowed and I wasn't going to be able to come home after work and do it. Not that they needed me there it seems. Last year no one was willing to go down the hill solo. This year no one wanted me with them (except for Catherine a bit later on, but that ride ended in disaster and pretty much ended Catherine's sled riding aspirations for the day).

It's still really cold, so we didn't stay outside too long. But everyone enjoyed the time we were out. So I put that one in the win column. Quinn later explained to us why it snowed. He told us he had prayed for it to snow, and that he was going to start praying for it to snow again. And I'm really glad I stayed home, since by mid day a lot of the snow had already melted away even though the temperature was only in the high 20s.


BullBunky said...

Fantastic shots of the kids. So much action and expression.

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