Friday, December 19, 2008

End Of The Semester

Today was the last day of school for the kids this year. After this they're on break until the start of the new year. So the kids worked on their presents for their teachers on Thursday and took them in on Friday. Quinn made the above tree candles. He did all the work himself, cutting the wooden pole and drilling into the candle.

Catherine on the other hand made some ornaments for her teachers. She made a star and a snowman for each of them and did personalized drawing on each of the stars.

Today was also the day where the elementary class puts on a performance for the other kids and the parents. The good news is this year Quinn wasn't doubling over in pain like he was last year. He sang along on the songs and generally seemed to perform quite enthusiastically. Since it was their winter / Christmas performance the kids were encouraged to wear hats and scarfs to give the impression of cold and snow (these were the only props though and because of that it ends up coming off looking like it's cold in the building).

After that there was a brief performance of some songs by the kids in each of the preschool classes, so Catherine and her colleges gave a brief performance (most of which I ended up missing because I didn't know it was occurring, but luckily Ginger was on top of things and was there).

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