Sunday, December 07, 2008

Leftover Snow Sunday

It was just me and the kids this afternoon as Ginger was off to another one of her stamping / cutting / scrapbooking things. While Ginger was gone the kids and I watched the most of the little bit of snow we had gotten melt into oblivion.

So for dinner I grilled hamburgers. I know, it's like 20 degrees outside and I'm grilling hamburgers outside. Why is that? Funny story (well, funny if you're not me anyway). After church when we were talking about what to do for lunch Ginger mentioned having hamburgers out on the grill. I was skeptical, but said okay. Then after stopping by the grocery store once we got home there was really no time to grill since Ginger had to leave for her outing in about 20 minutes or so. She was suppose to be back home by around 4:30, but (unbeknownst to me) she got held up because one of the women sliced her finger really bad and it played havoc with the whole schedule. So around 5:30 I figured I should start dinner, so I went out (in the dark) and fired up the grill. I did my best to cook the hamburgers. Given how cold it is you really have to fire up the grill to get them to cook, and then when you fire it up too much you end up blackening just about everything. So I'm out there cooking and freezing my keister off and then later when Ginger arrives at home she tells me that she was only kidding about cooking out on the grill because why would she want me to go grill outside in this weather. Lovely. So for dinner instead of some moist juicy hamburgers cooked inside we got charred black cheese burgers where the cheese that melted to the bottom of the burger actually became black and seemed like hardened ash. Beef and ash, it's what's for dinner. Well, it's what for dinner for Ginger and myself anyway since Catherine had a baked potato and an orange. And Ginger stopped on the way home and picked up KFC's popcorn chicken for both Catherine and Quinn.

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wtfree3 said...

Ah, the joys of matrimonial communication (or lack thereof).

Though I think grilling in the snow is rock solid. Gotta be done.