Thursday, December 04, 2008

Wrongly Accused

So last Sunday when I got downstairs and checked my laptop it was in an odd state. Lots of windows were open and some applications I never even knew were on the machine were running. Lots of things had crazy text entered into them also. My GTalk window had all kinds of with lots and lots of slashes (in fact it was trying to add someone as a friend with the email address that was nothing but "/" characters). I immediately suspected Quinn had been messing with the computer and confronted him about it. He denied doing anything, and yet I didn't believe him. Ginger then talked to him and became convinced of his innocence in the matter and I then reluctantly agreed with her assessment and then had to ask for Quinn to forgive me wrongly accusing him. Later in the week Ginger captured photographic evidence that completely cleared Quinn of any wrong doing and explained what probably had happened (the photo is a bit blurry because Ginger didn't use the flash). Guess the laptop was the warmest spot to sit down and rest. Now I'm just worried about the cat coming along and accidentally deleting stuff versus just running random programs and renaming some things.


The Dogfather said...

You should create a user account, and make 'em sign a user agreement. Don't forget to protect the uh... mouse from abuse. ;-)

Barry said...

That is great!

gaz said...

the technical solution to this mindbending problem you're facing is... erm... fold the screen over a little! ;-]