Saturday, December 20, 2008

And All I Got Was Pictures Of Cookies

So after the kids got out of school yesterday, Ginger embarked out a trip with the kids down to Fredricksburg to drop off Catherine with Grammy. Catherine was going to visit Grammy and Pop Pop because one of her annual things with them is to go to the Richmond ballet (much like how they annually take Quinn to a NASCAR race). The performance was this Saturday. In addition to getting to go to the ballet she also ended up getting to go to Build-A-Bear yesterday and making a Hello Kitty doll (which she apparently got a ton of accessories for, so buy Build-A-Bear stock since the grandparents are doing their part to keep that business afloat).

In the past when Catherine attends the ballet I've gotten pictures of Catherine meeting with attractive female ballerinas backstage, this year all I got is pictures of Catherine decorating Christmas cookies. Somehow it's not quite the same. And from the looks of it she's decorating the cookies with her fingers. Which I suppose is okay as long as she isn't tasting the icing also.

D'oh! Now I have a dilemma. Do I eat the cookies she brings home anyway, or forgo them? Who am I kidding, they're cookies, of course I'm going to eat some of them. And they look pretty good too.

This year was also made a bit more difficult by the fact that Catherine wanted to be back home to attend Sunday school this weekend since they're going to be having a birthday party for Jesus. This meant that Ginger had to drive all the way down to Richmond to get Catherine and bring her back on Saturday night. And for some reason Quinn ended up driving down with her (I think he thought he might get to play video games, but that didn't happen), so that left me to my own devices here at home on Saturday night.

I spent this going to a couple of stores to purchase some stuff, which ate up most of the time I had available. One of the things I went out and bought was an $18 soldering iron. A while back Ginger bought a couple of small fake fiber optic trees for the kid's rooms (for $11 apiece). Catherine's was making an incessant squeaking noise though, so I took it apart thinking I could try and fix it. Well, the trees are pretty cheap, so the wiring inside ended up breaking. I bought the soldering iron to fix it. In retrospect it would have been cheaper just to buy another tree. But now at least I have a soldering iron (because you never know when you're going to need one of those).

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