Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jesus' Birthday Party

We had a bit of an ice storm come through last night. It wasn't much, and frankly I don't think the roads got much of anything on them. It was enough however that Ginger insisted I get up and drive her and the kids to church. Quinn and Catherine's Sunday School class were combined this week since one of the regular teachers was out and they had planned a special Jesus' birthday celebration today (which is why Catherine insisted on coming back home last night from her short trip to Richmond). Ginger signed up to help out of the combined class, so she had to be there. Turns out we were the first ones there. I think the weather might have been a deterrent to people showing up since the attendance for the combined class was only about seven kids total (and that was including our two).

The rest of the day turned out to be pretty wasted. I didn't get anything done really and we mostly sat around resting and kids watched a couple Christmas videos (at least I think they did, it's technically possible that I fell asleep when they were watching them). Ginger was feeling a bit worn down from being on the go so much for the past couple of weeks, so we all just hung out and took it easy for the day. I included the warping Christmas tree picture above because based on comments John made when he was visiting I know how much he was looking forward to me doing that again this year (and yes, there's a tinge of sarcasm in there).

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