Sunday, December 14, 2008

Up Goes Snowman

We actually put up our snowman on Friday. Don't have many good pictures of the event due to it already being dark by the time I got home. I think a couple of the lights in the snowman have burned out, but it'll be a while before I can check and replace any of them. Turns out it was a good thing we put it up on Friday since the weather has been pretty miserable ever since. I'm also going to use the face that it was dark as the reason the snowman is turned to the side a bit.

So we did this right before the kids went to the opening night of their concert, and Ginger had already dressed them in the clothes they were going to wear. So wouldn't you know it Quinn had this great idea of crawling along the ground and got his pants wet in addition to getting grass stains on them. Luckily we still had some other clothes he could wear.

And today was the last of the three concerts the kids performed in. In addition to Grammy and Pop Pop who were still here from last night Nana also came up to catch today's performance. And then after the concert we all went out to eat (I know, I was amazed that Grammy was up and we ended up going out to eat, I mean that never happens). After that we made the kids take a nap once they got home. What with them having been up so late for the past couple of nights it was really wearing on them. And being up late at night wouldn't be that big of a deal except for they were still getting up at their regular time in the mornings. So the nap was a necessary evil even though neither of them would ever actually admit to being tired (they would just be on edge all the time). After the nap though it was like we had two completely different (and well behaved) children. Sleep is good. I need to try it sometime myself.

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