Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas In Richmond

Road trip! Time for Christmas in Richmond. Since this year Ginger's grandmother has been under the weather compared to previous years they weren't able to come to our house for Christmas as they have the past couple of years. So we packed up and headed to Richmond on Saturday. Traffic was a bit on the heavy side with the trip taking a little longer than normal, but nothing too terrible. Once we got there though it was all we could do to keep the kids from immediately wanting to go in and open all their presents.

Once the presents started getting opened there were a couple of themes that started to appear. Quinn got more Batman Lego items, the police Lego van for the City set plus a Rokenbok sweeper for the Rokenbok set he has down there. And despite how forlorn Catherine appears in the picture above she really seemed to enjoy the presents she got too. Catherine got some more Playmobil stuff, a music box (that she really likes) and some ballet ornaments.

One of the items we gave Ginger's parents was a copy of the same book of blog photos that we gave Nana, it seemed to be a big hit.

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