Monday, December 29, 2008

Heading Home

The kids had a visit from their cousins (second? third? twice removed? Who knows) Maddie and Zachary. This was the first time we got to hear Maddie talking too. Before she had been pretty shy and was only talking around her parents, but now she's talking to everyone.

Zachary on the other hand was wandering around trying to help me with my "puz-el". It was a great help as he would pick up pieces and start moving them all around.

We also got ready to return home (and by "we" I mean I slept in then played video games in the morning trying to finish Sonic Unleashed on the Wii and worked on an insanely hard puzzle while Ginger did all the heavy work of packing and getting everyone ready). The kids also bumped heads as they were chasing Joey (Grammy and Pop Pop's dog) around the house. Both kids insisted on getting an ice pack for their injuries.

And the trip back was a bit hectic. Not because traffic was bad (it slowed down once or twice, but I doubt it added more than 15 minutes to the trip). No, the trip back was hectic for a couple of reasons. One was Quinn had gotten Lego Batman for the DS, the kids were trying to play co-op. Turns out that after about 25 minutes of trying to connect the DSes (eventually even switching her's into the mix) she finally read the instructions and learned that both people had to have the game in order to play co-op). The other reason the trip was a bit hectic (for me anyway) was because we left at 4 and had a deadline to get back by 6:30 to pick up Dobie from the vet (since he requires medicine multiple times a day now we can no longer just leave him at the house anymore) and the vet closed at 6:30. I believe we got there around 6:15.


CAPT_Sawyer said...

What is it with kids and ice packs? We gave Loren a Lightning McQueen ice pack as a stocking stuffer just so she wouldn't keep using our cooler-pack ice packs every time she bumps into something.

JamesF said...

I think maybe it's because if you have to use an ice pack, then it was a "real" injury.