Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wind Breaking

It was a tad on the windy side today. To the point where I briefly thought we were going to picked up and dropped in Oz. We did see some brief snow flurries when the wind was blowing really hard in the morning, but nothing after that. And while we were eating breakfast we heard what sounded like something hitting the house. I thought maybe some of the kids playground equipment had been blown into a the side of the house, but that wasn't it. It wasn't until later when I was staring out the front window that I noticed something was in the bush in front of the house. Turns out the wind blew so hard it pulled the chimney protector clear out of the mortar.

I had to go back a ways to find a picture of the house where you can make it out, but the above is a shot from a while back, and below we have the shot from today. I've volunteered to try and climb up and reattach it, but Ginger seems to think if I do that she'll get to collect on my life insurance earlier than she plans so she told me I won't be going up to replace it. After looking at it I don't think it's ever been replaced. The thing looks old as all get out and it's rusted through and through. Even though it's incredibly rusty though it didn't break off, the screws are still there, so it really was the wind that just ripped it out of the mortar.

Later in the day we had Ken and Amanda come over for a playdate, but I had no luck getting the kids to pose for a decent picture.

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gaz said...

looks like some ancient hamster cage!