Friday, December 05, 2008

More Tree Decorating

The other night we put up the Christmas tree on the main floor (I say we, but really Ginger did it all and I only helped with getting the lights working in a couple places). But we hadn't put the ornaments up yet, so on Friday I came home a bit earlier than usual and we all started decorating the tree.

We got most of the bottom pretty well covered at this point. The kids still have a bad habit of placing ornaments right on the absolute edge of the branch in such a way that they're almost guaranteed to fall off.

The tree is actually pretty tall. I can't reach the top without a ladder. And that means kids have trouble reaching anything in the mid to upper level which is why the bottom is pretty well decorated at this point, but the top is still a bit sparse.

Putting up the ornaments is always like taking a trip down memory lane. Since for each ornament we have to go through the story of when we got that particular one, or if it's a picture ornament who it is and when it was taken.

We would have kept going and decorated the whole thing, but we ran out of ornament hooks that could actually support the ornaments. When did the hooks become so flimsy? Back in the day you could hang like a five pound ornament with a little metal hook, but these days the hooks are more pliable than the twist ties you find on loaves of bread and can barely hold up miniature ornaments, much less ornaments with any heft to them (like the Hulk there). Not sure where we're going to find strong hooks, but we need to locate some before we can finish the tree decorating project.

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Gretchen said...

Paper clips. Opened vertically once. Available in your local office supply cabinet. Cheap, 100 count per box! :-).