Monday, December 15, 2008


Hancock is the latest high powered energy flick from mega star Will Smith. This time he plays an alcoholic super-hero who engages criminals with a blatant disregard for the property damage he causes. It's a fairly straight forward action flick with the expected humorous bits thrown in for good measure. It's not a terrible movie, nor is it all that good. It is decidedly average at best and maybe a bit less than average at worst. You eventually get his origin story if you can really call it that, and it's pretty weak and doesn't really explain anything. The most annoying thing for me at this point is that there is a "twist" to the story that has been given away by some of the DVD covers (I had to go searching for one that didn't have the spoiler pasted right there on the cover for this post). The spoiler is also all over the recent commercials playing for the DVD, so if you've seen commercials for the DVD, then you've probably already seen what I'm referring to (possibly without knowing it). Just try and forget everything you've seen about the movie before watching it (sadly it won't be that hard to forget once you've seen it either).

For me the funniest thing about this movie wasn't in the movie itself, but back when it was in theaters someone decided to put the words for the movie up in reverse order resulting in... Well, click through to see it since I suppose it could be considered NSFW (and consider that a warning before clicking).

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gaz said...

it was qutie enjoyable, but like you say - pretty forgettable.