Friday, December 26, 2008

X-Files: I Want To Believe It's Not This Bad

We hosted Pete over to our place again for another movie night. Tonight's feature film was the X-Files: I Want To Believe. You know what I believe? I believe this movie is a piece of crap. Oh hey, look, they made a joke about the possibility of George Bush being an alien. That's hysterical. So remember the first X-Files movie. That had huge explosions, crazy locales, bees, alien space ships buried in the arctic. Yea, this movie has none of those things. About half way through the movie I realized their hadn't been a single memorable scene location anywhere and the movie could have been completely filmed in some town. And the couple of times there are special effects they're so fake you feel like you're watching a made for cable TV movie instead of a full blown feature film.

It felt like someone looked through old reject scripts for the TV show and said, hey, here's one, let's use this to make the movie. And it doesn't even feel like they picked the best of the rejects. And then to top it off they decided to pick a script that had absolutely nothing to do with the underlying mythology the series created. Seriously, this whole thing is a waste. It does nothing to advance the whole mythology aspect of the series, it doesn't explain why even though Mulder got his closure with his sister that he's back to his status quo. I have no idea what happened to Scully's kid, but the kid seems to be out of the equation now. And I can't tell whether Mulder and Sculley are living together or just happened to hook back up immediately after meeting each other again.

Just to give you a feel for how silly this movie is, at the opening Mulder is supposedly a wanted man and off the grid. The FBI comes to Scully asking her to find Mulder and ask for his help. So after hemming and hawing Mulder decides to help, and apparently they have a helicopter come pick him up at his super secret off the grid hideout. Genius! The movie only goes downhill from there. If you drink the kool-aid Chris Carter is selling this was suppose to be a springboard movie to the next X-Files movie that would deal with the invasion scheduled for 2012 (which we found out about at the end of the series). I think it's a safe to say there's very little chance of seeing another X-Files movie after this.

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