Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Earlier today we had a family of deer walking through the backyard again. I only got a shot through the glass, and the lens I was using I don't think has the Digital information, so it was a bit brighter and more washed out than I thought the picture was going to be. Guess I need to think about getting a decent low F-Stop lens (I have an old on that's 50mm, but it's not digital so with the crop factor it's actually like a 75mm).

Later in the evening we had a nice visit from our friend John was in on business from San Fran tonight. He managed to beat me in a game of Wii bowling by four pins (and I choked on my 3rd ball of the tenth frame and only got 6, so I should have been able to tie him). I'm looking forward to a rematch since he's said he'll try and come back by later in the week. But I'll bet we get some excuse and he won't show up because he'll be scared to face me again and lose his title.

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