Saturday, December 06, 2008

Kid's Holiday Party

My work had a holiday party for all the kid's employees today. So we bundled up and headed out. Last year the event was mobbed and there were a ton of people. This year the turnout seemed significantly less. Not exactly sure why that's the case. They had most of the same events and stuff as last year, and Santa also made his yearly fly by of the event.

As per previous year's Catherine's allergies prevented her from being able to partake in the cookie decorating. And her recent spat of outbreaks from face paintings also meant that wasn't an option either. Neither kid was interested in juggling, and while last year the rage was the balloon animals / items, this year neither of them were interested in that (partly because based on the negative reaction last year when said balloon items popped Catherine decided she didn't really want something like that again and Quinn has decided he is too old for balloons in any form).

So here's the fun item. We had Catherine go sit on Santa's lap and she told him she wanted the animal hospital. Then she mentioned it was in a magazine of toys she had seen at home. The problem is we have no idea what this toy is. And we've looked through the book she claims it was in. This has potential bad news written all over it.

Quinn was overly reluctant to go sit on Santa's lap and had to be semi coerced into doing it. I believe now that he's in on the whole Santa secret he realizes that pursuing that avenue won't be garnering him any extra goodies come Christmas day so in his mind there's no real point to the exercise. Ginger on the other hand wanted another picture of him and Santa and wanted to keep up appearances for Catherine.

Me? I still haven't given up on the big guy. I mean there's the possibility of free goodies. How can you not take that chance?

Santa gave everyone who visited with him a candy cane. Since we didn't know if we could trust whether it was safe or not we promised she could have one of the ones we bought her at home (that we know are safe). Turns out the ones we have at home are blue. I'm wondering if you could have guessed the color had I not mentioned it. Ken and Amanda also stopped by briefly after the party as they needed a brief layover before heading out to a birthday party in Maryland.

Later in the afternoon Quinn had a birthday party to attend. And when we left the house at four to go drop him off it was snowing. Then Ginger, Catherine and myself went to dinner at PF Chang's and when we got out there was actually some snow sticking to the ground. Sadly it doesn't look like we're going to get anything more than a light dusting.

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