Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dress Rehearsal

Tonight was dress rehearsal for the church's Christmas concert. More or less the same as Monday's practice, but now with everyone wearing their best outfits. I took some video (some high quality dv and some just from a small hand held Nikon), I might try and put that up soon, although it'll probably bore the daylights out of anyone not related to the kids.

Speaking of being bored, I think Quinn's just about running on empty this week from going to bed so late and yet still getting up so early. Check out that yawn of his during last night's performance in the picture above.

If this things goes off without a hitch I'm going to be amazed. There was still a lot of confusion it seemed as to who does what and when. In fact, after the song where Quinn plays Joseph they had the kids practice how they would exit the stage from those positions, only to later realize they had one more song to do. Quinn still won't get near "Mary" during the song, nor does he even look at the baby. The good news was during the performance there was no nose picking by either kid.

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