Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wright Brothers Memorial

You're at the beach, the temperature gets to be almost 100 with a heat index even higher. So what do you do? Hit the beach to cool off, right? Well maybe if you're a normal person. If you're us you decide to go see the Wright Brothers Memorial and walk around in the stifling heat because you've heard about this heat exhaustion thing and want to try it out. We did end up going to see the Wright Memorial today. It was interesting I suppose, but Ginger has been reading the Landmark Wright Brothers book to the kids during meals and we had just finished it yesterday, so I felt after listening to that story I already knew most of the stuff the memorial was showing.

We got to see the rock marking the take off spot. Although I question how they know with that kind of accuracy where the actual spot was, but that's what someone deemed as "the location".

The memorial is up on top of a hill. That's not where the Wright Brother's flight was from though, according to the plaques it occurred down on the field. And it's a long walk from the flight location which is right by the information center all the way up the hill to the actual memorial. But we made the trek anyway.

By the time we reached the top of the memorial Catherine was looking severely overheated. So while Ginger and the kids walked down to the statue exhibit at the base of the memorial I went back and got the car so they wouldn't have to walk all the way back in the heat. Once they got to the statue exhibit the kids got their second wind since they could climb all over the plane.

Finally we visited the pavilion where it talks about the history of flight (focusing heavily on the Wright Brothers though). Overall a good entertaining trip, but one that might have been better on a cooler day. The rest of the day was a wash since we had a torrential rainstorm come through. It's strange, the hurricane Cristobal was just off the coast earlier and we got nothing from it. Now hurricane Dolly is down in the gulf and we're getting pummeled with wave after wave of rainstorms. And they're serious rainstorms with massive downpours and significant lightning.

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