Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Splish Splody

A rain storm coming through in the morning prevented us from getting to the beach early, but we headed out around noon even though there was still a slight sprinkling of rain. My thoughts were we're paying to be here at the beach, so neither rain nor, well rain is going to keep us from going to the beach.

Since a storm had just come through the water was even rougher than it was on Monday. And being so soon after the rain ended the beach was practically deserted. I mean there was no one out there. We pretty much had the entire beach to ourselves. A little over an hour later other people started showing up, but still not that many. I should qualify that there hasn't been an issue with too many people before, but the lack of almost anyone else was quite noticeable.

We managed to get Catherine over her temporary fear of the ocean today. It involved making a game out of stomping on all the sea foam. This eventually turned into a game the kids created called Splish Splody (don't ask me, they're just the fruit of my loins, I have no idea what their thought process is). Apparently the game involved skipping through the waves saying Splish Splody and then freezing when the waves receded and waiting for the waves to come in before starting again. I know what you're thinking, a riveting game to be sure.

Later in the evening after the kids had gone to bed I slipped out to take a couple sunset pictures (a couple being about 70 or so). None of them were turning out like I was expecting, and upon closer examination once I got home I discovered that I had the ISO set to 640 and it had been that way since Sunday. So if you've wondered why the shots for today and yesterday have been looking a tad whitewashed, now you know (I know I was wondering). And I know, one of the reasons for getting the D200 was with it's custom setting modes it was suppose to prevent me from doing crap like this. And it should, but I haven't gotten into the habit of using the custom preset shooting modes yet.

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