Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Run Hill

Since the new house doesn't have sound access I foolishly decided I would try and hike through the woods until I came to the sound to try and get some sunset pictures. Not the best of plans I've ever had. After making it past the power plant I came across a border fence to a dune area. Eventually I found signs indicating it was Run Hill State Natural Area (a division of the NC Parks and Recreation). I'm not positive access to the area was open to the public or if it was only open at certain times, but since I didn't see any signs strictly prohibiting access to certain times I took that as tacit approval that I could enter. Not the best logic, but it suited my purposes.

The area has the look of being similar to Jockey's Ridge, but with some more trees and hints of grass strands here and there. I wandered across this semi barren wasteland until I eventually came to a hill that descended into a marsh that extended for a good ways to the sound.

Since there was no way to traverse the marsh my mission to reach the sound ended in failure. Not to mention just being that close to the marsh I was getting eaten alive by bugs and it was still sweltering outside even though we had recently had a rainstorm come through. Fact of the matter is though that with the cloud cover the way it was, I wasn't going to be getting any impressive pictures anyway. Even the sky shots I did get didn't have that 'pop' to them. Not to mentioned I couldn't get the sky and the ground at the correct exposures and without a tripod I had no way to take the same exact shot bracketed.

After that mission ended in failure later that night I decided to walk up to get a picture of the Wright Memorial. Another less than successful mission. After the long walk there I realized I was going to need a tripod to take any decent pictures of the Memorial at night. The lack of my tripod has been a recurring theme and I can't believe I forgot to bring it. Sadly the shot above is one of better shots of the set I took.

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