Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sunburn City: Population 4

Checking with work got the better of me this morning. Everyone else got ready and started heading to the beach and here I was still logged on at work trying to do stuff. So I quickly grabbed all my stuff and headed to the beach to catch up with everyone, neglecting to put on any suntan lotion before I left. I sprayed myself down once I got there, but it's windy and less than ideal for spray on application. And I forgot some areas, like my feet and apparently my shins. And the backs of my hands. Quinn also managed to pick up some more sunburn on his face. So for those of you keeping score that's Ginger, Quinn and Catherine got sunburned at the pool before we came down (Catherine's was only on her scalp though). Quinn and I have gotten sunburned once we were here. Catherine's the one with the least amount of sunburn at this point. But enough complaining about sunburns, on to today's pictures.

We were running a bit late tonight with dinner and what not, so I didn't get to go out at sunset, but luckily the view from our balcony was still pretty good.

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