Sunday, July 13, 2008

And We're Off

Vacation officially started today and we left from Richmond this morning and made the three hour trip to the beach (at this point we might be spending more on the gas to get here than we are on the vacation itself). Traffic was smooth and the trip uneventful, well aside from a driver stopping in the middle of the road because they missed a turn and almost causing us to be in a pile up.

The kids and Ginger all played Leapster or Nintendo DS almost all the way there. At one point all three were playing Mario & Sonic Olympics against one another using the wireless DS feature on their Nintendo DSes (Ginger recently picked up a DS for herself so now we have three). And while the kids definitely like having the game systems in the car and it makes the trip go pretty fast for them being the driver and having to listen to all the replay information in their loudest voices got a bit old pretty quick. I'm torn though since the game playing also takes away some of the wonder from the trip since the kids don't pay attention to anything around them, although they did stop to take notice when we went through the tunnel.

We're in the same house we stayed in last year. And once we got unpacked in the house we made the mandatory trip to the grocery store to grab food the coming weeks. Word of advice, never go buy food after a several hour trip in which you didn't eat anything otherwise you end up spending quite a lot.

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wtfree3 said...

Coming weeks? You plan on settling down? More seriously, how long are you going to be there? We're heading to Duck on Friday.

We've learned our lesson on grocery shopping. Bring enough for dinner and breakfast, get the milk or other critical perishables after getting across the bridge, then buy things the next morning. The grocery store isn't crowded then, either, in the morning.