Thursday, July 24, 2008

Racing Team Fitz Clan

More rain. This is becoming a theme for the week. So we ended up spending most of the day inside playing the Wii waiting out the rain. And once we did get past the storms we decided to venture out. Today's outing was to the go karts. It was a different one that's a branch of the ones from up in Corolla. Amazingly enough this time Quinn was able to cajole Catherine into doing it by telling her they could be a team. That worked because initially it looked like it was going to be just Quinn out on the track, so he convinced Catherine to join him. He tried to get her to go stand next to the height requirement and I convinced him not to (I'm not positive she would have met the required height). But while they were waiting for the current race to end before they could start he junior race it turned out another kid was going to go also.

You could really tell it was Catherine's first time. Not only would she not hug the curves like Quinn does she's really really slow. I mean the junior cars aren't exactly fast to begin with, but she was barely moving at times. After a couple laps Ginger and I determined it was because we don't think she couldn't completely reach the gas pedal (at least not easily). Quinn and the other kid ending up lapping Catherine twice. Quinn also seemed to be pulling away from the other kid, but Quinn only passed Catherine. I don't care though, I was just really proud of her for having the courage to go out and do it. And Catherine didn't even care that she didn't do well, she was just excited to be out racing and to be Quinn's team member.

And of course it wouldn't have been me unless I took pictures using the wrong camera settings. The night before I had changed the EV setting to -2 as I was trying to time long timed exposure to try and capture some lightning (it didn't work, the storm wasn't in the direction of the only window I could use that didn't have a screen). So yea, most of the pictures are terrible.

Luckily even though my pictures were crap we have video of the event also. Fair warning, it's really long and I'm guessing for non family members quite boring. So for all the non family members after you've seen about a minute you'll have seen just about everything, but it's worth skipping ahead to 4:50 for the big finale. It should come as no surprise that right after we finished Quinn was ready to do it again, and has been asking to do it again since we went. He claims this time though he wants to start out in last position so he can pass more people.

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