Friday, July 18, 2008

Boogie Boarding Attempt: Fail!

Yesterday after racing we stopped and bought a boogie board. The waves have died down considerably and I figured Quinn could probably handle it if we stayed in the shallow waves.

No sooner did we get out there for one run than we were told the riptide currents were too strong and today was a no swimming day. Bummmer. Not sure it would have matter anyway since after the one run we did do Quinn got sand in his shorts and decided maybe he didn't want to boogie board after all. Good to see that was money well spent. Hopefully he'll get over that soon.

Since there was no swimming we had to keep busy doing other things. Luckily Quinn and I had a tennis ball to toss around. Catherine busied herself with digging and looking for shells. But here in this area where there are people around all the time the good shells to be found are few and far between.

The other thing we did a lot of was crab watching. The kids had some fun dumping little bits of sand into crab holes which would then force the crabs to come out and toss out the sand (it's only 40 seconds, and you can skip straight to 20 seconds for the good stuff).

The following was Quinn's brief new hairstyle where after his showed he decided he really didn't need to comb his hair. It is on the "stylin'" as kids today would say.

After dinner we all walked to a secluded spot that provides access to the sound. It was close to high tide, so the water level at this particular spot was higher than normal, but still low enough that you could walk out a good ways.

We haven't seen a hardly any jellyfish at all the entire time we were here, but over in the sound we managed see a couple while we were out wading in the water.

UPDATE: If you've read this far you're obviously bored, so go check out Dr Horrible online for free (it goes away after the 20th).

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gaz said...

that crab was fantastic... i watched that thing it did with its eye about 10 times!

what settings did you have your camera on for those sunsets chief. more class shots. i could get really jealous.