Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Spot Of Bowling And Some Artwork

So today a whole mess of kids from Quinn's school got together for a play date at the bowling alley. Catherine was there also since Ginger had to take her, but she decided not to participate in the bowling. Gretchen was kind enough to snap some pics and send them to us which is how I got pictures of the event. I like the shot below because frozen at that moment it almost looks like Quinn knows what he's doing.

Catherine meanwhile was ready to leave the entire time they were there. Ginger showed this nice piece of artwork she did, but didn't tell me when she drew it (it could have been at the bowling alley for all I know). That's Pop Pop in the middle. If you can't see the resemblance, just look below (Note to Pop Pop: I'm really sorry, I had to do it). The big rectangle at the top of the picture is a school, and the small swirls are students. The bigger swirls, are of course the bigger elementary children from the school.

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