Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Rest Of Friday

So after a couple hours of packing up the car (to the point where I could barely see out the rear view mirror) and having the kids use the restroom we were finally ready to leave. Then as soon as we started the car Catherine informed us she had to go to the bathroom again. I'm seriously thinking we need to get her checked out for some type of condition or something, because I swear every time we get in the car even if she's just gone to the restroom she decides she has to go again. And then once we do start driving about five minutes into the trip she'll inform us she has to go again.

Unfortunately the rental company drop off was about four miles in the opposite direction we needed to be going to get home, so on the way we made a couple of small pit stops (no pun intended). First one was I stopped near Jockey's Ridge and got a picture of a long tree near the edge the dunes. I've seen that tree each time we passed it this week and always wanted to stop for a picture. Sadly after looking at the pictures I wasn't able to capture the shot I had in my head in any of the pictures.

After that we went a ways past the rental company to the go karts. Since yesterday all Quinn has been talking about was going to do the go karts again. We got there just as a junior race was starting (I'm fairly certain I got a look or two from Ginger about how if we hadn't stopped for pictures of a tree we wouldn't have had to wait on the race). For me it turned out good, since this allowed me to take some pictures of the sunset while they were waiting on the race.

So after waiting through the junior race and two more adult races Quinn and Catherine go to go. This time it was a full group of kids, and true to his word from last time even though Quinn was the first one in line he took the car at the very back (because as he said that way he would be able to pass more people). Catherine was in the next to last car.

Once the race started Quinn was past most of the cars by the end of the first lap. But he just couldn't get past the kid in first. Every time the kid would go wide around a turn as Quinn would start to pass him on the inside the kid would turn into him and bump him back. That's not to say Quinn was entirely the good guy as he almost managed to turn the kid several times on one of the turns (in Quinn's defense the other kid wasn't really hugging the curves and was leaving a decent sized small opening which of course Quinn then tried to squeeze through).

This went on and on for most of the race. Eventually the crowd even got into and I think they were rooting for Quinn, because right before the end of the race Quinn managed to get by him and the crowd cheered (I have to admit that was pretty cool).

Catherine on the other hand was in last for most of the race, but she did a lot better than she did the day before. This time she was only lapped once. She drove a bit faster, but was still taking turns really wide. Luckily for her near the end of the race a couple cars wrecked and Catherine managed to get her lap back and then pass their wreck claiming her "third" place finish (she's the one that decided she came in third, and I wasn't about to contradict her). The whole unedited video of the race is below. It's long at around five minutes, so watch at your own risk. After the race was complete we dropped off the keys, ate at Wendy's, got some gas (the gas was for the car, it wasn't from eating at Wendy's) and finally started heading home.


CAPT_Sawyer said...

Sounds like a nice vacation!

I'm convinced, by the way, that NutraSweet (aspartame) causes urgent need for urination for me. Is she drinking diet soda?

JamesF said...

She doesn't drink soda (diet or regular). I don't think she eats anything with NutraSweet, but that's a good idea for something we can check.