Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Platinum Edition

I got this from Pete a while back:
Are you guys going to get an iPhone or two when the new ones come out? Faster Internet access, more usage from the battery, more memory and GPS.

You should create a Statistically Insignificant Musings - Platinum Edition section to your blog (i.e., like Colbert Platinum). Then I could be spared reading stories where you save $100/year by switching your garbage service or lose $1.50 because you and Ginger get the same movie from NetFlix.

I laughed pretty hard at this comment. I'll admit I have a tendency to be a bit, well, frugal at times. Today though Ginger did go out and purchase herself one of the new 3G iPhones. She woke me up at 7:30 to say "You're in charge of the kids" so she could leave to go stand in line at the store before they opened at 8. Even getting there before they opened she was number 35 in line or something like that. Luckily they even had the model she wanted (it's the model no one else wants, the white 16 Gig). The only thing that didn't go according to plan was they couldn't port her existing cell number. Apparently since she has a pay as you go prepaid phone they would have to cancel that prepaid portion to free the number up. This would have meant she would have had to go to the AT&T store, then back to Mac store to get in line again, so she just got a new phone number instead. So if you have her old number, you may want to call her at some point and get her new number. We'll obviously be keeping her older phone for a bit so it'll still work, and there's even talk of me taking over that phone and ditching my Virgin mobile pay as you go phone. But mine is only $.10 a minute whereas Ginger's pay as you go phone is $.25 a minute. Although since I never use my minutes I with the pay as you go you have to keep applying money every couple months to keep the account active I'm not sure the price difference matters that much since I almost never use my phone as it is so I may just splurge (this is platinum edition) and switch to her phone.

She go home a bit after ten and has apparently been playing with it and configuring it through most the day. I noticed she had put a lot of the free apps on it when I got home from work tonight. And she started IM'ing me at work with it mid day, so she obviously got the AIM application working. I would have preferred a GTalk application personally, but I don't know of one of those exists yet. She loaded it up with all her songs a ton of photos, so she's down to only having 6 Gig free. And then tonight I set it up so that it can connect to our wireless network when she's at the house.

Ginger informed me that throughout the day the kids are now asking when they'll be able to get their own cell phone (I'm thinking once the get out of college). The camera in the iPhone seems to be pretty decent since the above picture was taken with the iPhone. And Ginger was just able to mail the photo straight to me, so that's a nice plus that you don't have to go through and manually pull pictures off the phone.


dashrb said...

I hope you didn't pay a lot of money for that new shiny Platinum sign, since they misspelled your blog's name. :-)

JamesF said...

Guess that explains why it was such a bargain then. It was late and I was tired and the text is really small.

Pete said...
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Pete said...

LOL, I can't believe you got burnt trying to save a few bucks on the shiny Platinum sign.

Also, you forgot to properly explicitly alert the readers before starting a Platinum post. Colbert is always very diligent about that. Maybe something like:

"If any of your chauffeurs doesn't have a chauffeur of his own then Platinum is not for you, please skip to the next exciting post, 'Treasure Hunter', where I recover a dime super-glued to the bottom of the local pool."