Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rubbin's Racin'

Buckle up folks, this one's a long one. Feel free to scroll through and look at the pictures if you're not interested in day to day details. Yesterday when we were back at the grocery store we bought a decent sized shovel. Quinn had seen some other kids digging with a "real" shovel versus the small plastic shovels that come with the small plastic pails. So today the goal was to dig a hole to China. We didn't quite make it to China, but we did get down to the water table so that there was water at the bottom of our hole even though no waves had come into it (although as you can see from the picture above, they did come close).

All week long all we've been hearing from Quinn when we're at the house is "Can we go do the go kart?" Over and over again. It's become his mantra. It's to the point where it was starting to get really annoying when he would try and be all subtle and slide it in there with a "You know what I was thinking we could do today?" Yes Quinn, we know what you were thinking. You don't exactly have a poker face at this point and what he thinks is subtle really isn't. So yesterday we decided we would go ahead and try to take him since we wanted to head up that way for some seafood anyway. But because we all napped we left too late. So today I decided to forgo my nap and wait for Quinn to get up from his (he's always the first one to wake from naps). Based on info we got yesterday we knew they stopped running the junior go karts at 4:30. So when we left at 4:12 and it's about 9 miles at half of which if 35 mph and the other half 45 mph with people that drive slower than that I was worried we weren't going to make it today either. But we got there at 4:28, got a ticket and they were buckling in the last junior run of the day when we went down. Whew.

I was going to take some video of the event, but I was having trouble since there was no way to tilt it down without holding it and I wanted some pictures also. Plus since we were late Quinn was in the last starting position and to make matters worse on the first couple of laps he was getting smoked by just about everyone (except for one kid that was just really slow). So after seeing that not so spectacular performance I was thinking we didn't really want a video of it. Wish I had changed my mind. After four laps Quinn finally realized he needed to press the pedal all the way to the floor. He really kicked it up a notch and started passing people. In fact he even manage to come up behind the whole group that was stuck behind the one kids that was the really slow driver, as everyone else passed him on the outside Quinn somehow managed to take the inside route and ended up in the front. The most aggressive kid out there was in lead of cars passing on the outside and slightly ahead and bumped Quinn a bit trying to get past him, but Quinn had the inside lane position at that point so Quinn was able to maintain the lead (all the above pictures show the sequence of these events). He even started pulling away from the pack after that. Sadly the race only lasted two more laps after that, but he was still leading the pack (I wouldn't say he won though, since he had been lapped twice by the lead cars on those first couple of laps). Of course, they don't really track any of that stuff, so we can say whatever we want, but Quinn even acknowledged he would have only been in third.

And later tonight even though the kids had napped Catherine was acting especially tired. So we had her to go bed a bit early and Quinn joined me on a trip down the street to a local rental company where I've gone in the past to take some pictures of the sunset (for the record, this plan was an epic failure as Catherine was still awake when Quinn and I eventually returned). Quinn was majorly excited to go, that is until we got there and he realized we just going to hang out for a while waiting for the sun to set. He eventually busied himself looking for crabs and jumping around the water entrance ramp while I was taking pictures. What I found interesting was the pier was closed off with a sign saying "Pier Closed, Please keep off". Now this pier has always been open to the public in the past, and I've taken pictures on it for the past couple of years, but now that Quinn can read he read the sign and knew we weren't suppose to go onto the pier. This is the same child that will at times lie straight to my face, but was adamant about follow other people's rules in that I shouldn't go onto the pier even though I explained I was just going to take some pictures and come back. And trying to explain that the sign was probably there to absolve the company from potential lawsuits that might arise if someone were to hurt themselves on the company's property did nothing to ease his concerns. Eventually some other folks showed up and ignore the sign and went out, then he felt it was at least somewhat okay for me to go out. Good thing I got to go out too, because I liked how some of the pictures turned out.

p.s. Ginger's interested in knowing if anyone understands the title to this post.


gaz said...

some nice shots in there mate. i particularly like that last one.
i didn't have a clue about the title - till i googled it.
thank the lord for google...

dashrb said...

I understood it, but I'm a movie buff. Oh, and I like Nicole Kidman (not that she said it, but she was in the movie).