Saturday, July 12, 2008

Quinn Smash Teeth

On Friday the kids had some of the school friends over for a play date at the pool. Quinn posed for the above picture before they left and told me that he wanted it on the blog and for it to be the Hulk. One poorly done photoshop later and here we are. The kids had lots of fun at the pool, but they were there for four hours. Ginger and Quinn ended up getting crispy. This might be the first real sunburn I think Quinn has had. Catherine apparently had lotion reapplied at some point so she ended up not getting burned.

Afterwords when everyone was back at home Quinn was eating Cheerios and "ate a crunchy one". Yep, he lost another tooth and this time he swallowed it. As we were talking to him last night at dinner about it he was convinced the "tooth fairy" was going to leave him a dollar for it anyway even though he had swallowed it. I debated the issue with him and asked him how he even knew there was a tooth fairy since for all he knew maybe it was Catherine that came in at night and took his tooth and gave him a dollar. The funny thing was at this point he started eyeing Catherine suspiciously as if maybe she had money she wasn't telling him about. Catherine immediately chimed and said it wasn't her. So then I asked him how he knew it wasn't me or Ginger. And the answer was that only the tooth fairy has those types of dollars (he's referring to dollar coins). When I pointed out that if only the tooth fairy had them then how was it he could spend them anywhere he just brushed that off as if everyone knew what tooth fairy dollars looked like. And when I mentioned the tooth fairy had no way of knowing he was going to be in Richmond that night, he countered with then the dollar would get left at home and would be there when he got back.


wtfree3 said...
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wtfree3 said...

Let's fix that comment to make sense...

So, exactly how is the tooth fairy going to retrieve that tooth, huh?