Sunday, July 06, 2008

I'm Down For The Count

I spent the better part of the morning nursing a migraine. Luckily it was mostly gone by mid afternoon. And since Nana was up this weekend I doubt the kids even missed me not being around. And before anyone asks what happened to the quality of my camera in the shot above, that's a picture from Nana's camera, not mine.

I thought Catherine looked pretty cute in her dress for church this morning. She definitely loves her dresses. She'll get into yelling matches if Ginger tries to make her wear pants or shorts. I remember when Catherine was younger and I wanted to have her wear clothes that were more androgynous, and yet everyone took great delight in buying her really girlie outfits and then laughing when I would roll my eyes. Well congratulations folks, that's certainly taken hold.

And I don't know what this flower was, but it was in our potted plants out on the deck. It's a short bloom though since it was only there for two days before it was gone.

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wc said...

will was are the master blogger. got quite a history here. that's good, plus it'll be good for the kids in years to come. good to see pics of the kids & ginger. also nice to see Nana, it's been awhile.
hope all is well, catch you later james!