Saturday, July 05, 2008

It's All Food Related

Since Nana is up Ginger and I actually got to go out on a date tonight. We went to the Austin Grill that recently opened down the street from us. The food was pretty good except for the fact that my steak taco was loaded with jalapenos. I'm not fond of spicy food, so I was sweating for about 15 minutes straight after eating it and I think I drank two glasses of water (which didn't seem to help).

And since it's been pretty boring around here I suppose I can share a couple of mealtime anecdotes. For dinner last night when we ordered the Chinese take out Ginger ordered my lo mein with no onions and no vegetables. As the order was being read back what she heard was "one order lo mein, no wedgies." Excellent, I didn't want to have fend off people pulling at my underwear as I picked up dinner.

And then there was Quinn at lunch. As we were talking about Quinn and Catherine sharing an Oreo ice cream sandwich, we then said Catherine and I could share her half. So Ginger wanted to see how Quinn is doing with math at school and asked:

Ginger: "Quinn, so what's half of a half?"

Quinn: "A whole?"

Ginger: "No, not a half plus a half, but if you take a half of something and then take half of that."

Quinn: "... A part?"

And how can you argue with that?

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