Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Thought There Was A Storm?

The plan today was we were going to take it easy while Cristobal, the tropical storm off the coast, was going to dump rain all day. That didn't happen. We got nothing all day, except for a brief (and I mean very brief, like under three minutes) sprinkle of rain (more like a misting) later in the afternoon. Since we had planned on taking it easy today though we basically just hit the water park that's in the neighborhood where we are staying. The kids seems to like it well enough, although I can see it getting boring for them on subsequent visits. We also drove down to restock on beach supplies (suntan lotion and a beach umbrella since the house we're in this week didn't provide one) and restocked on groceries. And we went by Rita's (Ginger researched them and they're peanut free), it was my first time trying them out and the strawberry ice vanilla custard with vanilla wafers Blendie is awesome.

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