Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dr Visits

We got Dobie back from the vet today. When we came home he was looking none too good so he went to the vet on Monday. He must need more fiber in his diet because it turns out he was backed up pretty bad. So the doctors kept him for a couple days and he got to come home today. So tonight when Quinn was telling me how the Dr told Quinn today that he's perfect that I was a bit confused as to why the vet would be telling Quinn that. Turns out I had forgotten that Quinn had his seven year check up today also. He's pretty much average (50th percentile for height and weight), but apparently the doctor described him as perfect. Catherine also got a mini checkup today for the whole going to the bathroom all the time thing. Based on tests they ran they don't think there's anything wrong, they said there could be some mild irritation in that area, but nothing infected. And this morning she went to the bathroom four times before they finally left the house. Once before getting into the car and then three times of getting into the car and suddenly deciding she needed to go to the bathroom. And yet they claim there's nothing wrong with her.

The pictures here are from this past weekend. One of the whole reasons for stopping in Richmond on the way back from the beach was because they had promised Quinn that he could push some lawn mowers around next time he was there. So that meant he really wanted to stop in Richmond on the way home. And that's why we had to stop in Richmond on the way home. The fact that we didn't leave the beach until 9 PM on Friday night and it would have been almost 2 am before we had gotten home if we hadn't stopped in Richmond might have played some small part also. While Quinn was outside pushing the lawn mower (and getting eaten alive my mosquitos) Catherine and I elected to stay bug free indoors. She then proceeded to show off her trumpet playing skills. I don't think she'll be playing for the London Symphony Orchestra anytime soon, but I was impressed that she was actually blow some notes on it.

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