Monday, July 14, 2008

The Water Is Warm, But Rough

Our first full day at the beach. Once we finally got motivated and everyone's bathing suits and suntan lotion on we were ready (the aforementioned tasks always seem to take longer than they should, and I'm sure I'm partly to blame for that).

Word around these here parts is there's a hurricane way off the coast (Bertha). Because of that we're seeing some choppy water.

Quinn tried his hand at "fishing" again this year. Basically that's just casting a line with a bobber on it out over and over again.

It took the kids a bit to regain their sea legs from last year. That coupled with the fact the water is a bit rougher meant no one was really going into the water much. But then as the day progressed they got a bit more bold and at one point Catherine was running through the waves without really paying attention and got steam rolled by a wave she didn't see. That pretty much ended the fun of the beach for her for the day. Now we're going to have to convince he she can go back into the water since she's told us she doesn't want to go into the ocean anymore.

Once we got back to the house, the kids and I hit the pool while Ginger made everyone lunch. Since there's no diving board I was tossing the kids into the pool. Catherine's easy because she's pretty light and stays pretty still when you toss her. Quinn on the other hand squirms like mad and that ends up causing the following.

After all that excitement we hit the grocery store again and went by Wal-Mart since all the beach toys that were at this house last year seem to have up and disappeared. There's no boogie board, buckets, pails, or anything. There was one shovel that was the flimsiest thing I've ever seen in my life, so that hardly counts. We didn't get a boogie board since seeing how rough the water is lately we want to wait to make sure the waves calm down enough to the point where we would feel comfortable with idea of Quinn out there before we get one.

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