Monday, July 27, 2009

Used Games Bonanza

So while we were on vacation I noticed over at CAG that Gamestop was having a used game sale. A buy two get one free deal, and you could also get free shipping. And since the Wii has backward compatibility with the Gamecube system I loaded up on some old Gamecube games that I had always wanted to play but never gotten. I managed to pick up the Price of Persia: Warrior Within and Prince of Persia: Two Thrones, the second and third installments of the Prince of Persia series (I had played the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time a long time ago and really enjoyed the puzzle aspect of the game). I also picked up the Zela Four Swords game, as well as Spider-Man 2, X-Men Legends 2 and another random Batman game. In addition for the PS2 I got Rayman 2, Mark of Kri and Rise of Kasai. All these could be mine for the low low price of under $50. Now given they way Gamestop assigns the free game I had to place multiple orders (instead of assigning the free game as next most expensive, it would always pick the current cheapest game), but that was okay since I also choose the basic shipping option (which with an online coupon was free), and according to the shipping description it would take over a week or more for the games to arrive (they claimed 2-5 days for processing and 5 days for standard shipping). So imagine my surprise when we arrived home on Sunday night and all the games were sitting there on our doorstep. Looks like I have enough games to keep me entertained for a while. And considering how costly some of the new Wii releases can be I'm surprise more people aren't opting to locate some of the better Gamecube games.

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