Monday, July 13, 2009

Coquina Beach

Ginger got all of us and ready early this morning to be able to get to an early start on going to the beach. We were actually out on the beach by 9:30, which I found impressive since there are times I'm not even up at that point.

We headed down to the Coquina beach, which is miles away from where we're staying, but we like that beach a lot because of the smaller waves and the fact that since it's somewhat secluded it's usually fairly empty (and the fact that it has tons and tons of nice shells is something that Catherine really likes).

We hung out at the beach for a couple hours. Quinn used his boogie board a bit, but he never really took it out into the water.

The water was pretty calm for the most part, especially once you got past the wave breaking points. Eventually it was time to head back home. Our timing was great since on the way home it started raining a bit, and by the time we were at home eating lunch it was pouring.

Our original plan was going to be for Ginger and the kids to go to the water park in the afternoon while I did some work. But with the rain that didn't happen. The kids actually didn't mind the rain, since that meant they could play the Wii for a bit (I'm pretty sure they're going to complete the Lego Indiana Jones game before the first week is over considering they're already on the third movie).

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