Monday, July 20, 2009

An End To The Vacation

We decided to revisit the "Bee Beach" today. Ginger and the kids worked on an elaborate sand city for most of the time. It ended up looking quite impressive when all was said and done.

When I saw Ginger talking on her phone, I realized she had probably gotten the phone call we had been dreading. Her grandmother had been seriously deteriorating over the past week and the doctor that checked in on her today said she probably wasn't going to make it another day.

Realizing this might be our last day at the beach we decided to stay a bit longer than we normally would have. We made a conscious decision that we didn't need to tell the kids just yet and let them continue working on their sand structure oblivious to the news.

Eventually though we had to leave as we were informed that a serious thunder storm was on the way to us and the life guards were leaving the beach. We were also told we were more than welcome to stick around, but it would be at our own risk. So that more of less ended our beach outing for the day. We informed the kids of the news about Ginger's grandmother on our way back to the house, and explained that we would probably be leaving for Richmond soon. Once we made it home and were having lunch Ginger got the call her Grandmother had passed. Even though this news was not unexpected, it was still hard on her. Ginger's grandmother had been getting worse for months, and that's one of the reasons Ginger had gone out of her way to get to Richmond as often as she had recently.

So we spent the next several hours packing everything up. Then we scrambled to try and figure out how to check out since we were leaving well before the normal check out time period. Had I been thinking clearly at the time I would have offered the house up to my cousin or friends from work provided they could immediately come down and take advantage of it instead of simply turning in the keys (since we basically lost out on week of the house by leaving early). We said goodbye to the house, made a stop by Rita's Ice (we had stopped by Rita's every day we were there, it didn't seem right at that point not to stop by) and drove to Richmond.

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