Thursday, July 09, 2009

I Dislike The Cox

I found out the answer to my TiVoToGo problem. Turns out that some friends of mine that have TiVo have no trouble at all downloading episodes of the Daily Show. The thing that's different is that they have Verizon FIOS whereas my cable provider is Cox. After looking around online it appears that individual cable companies have the option of when to set the broadcast flag that prevents copying and Cox is apparently just lazy and turns it on for just about all programming on all channels regardless of whether the flag really should be on or not. Needless to say this irritated me quite a bit, and is making me seriously consider switching to FIOS. Not before vacation though, but my ire might be sufficient once I return (although the only reason I want to copy things off is to have access to it while on vacation, so it won't really be an issue when I get back). Regardless, I'm ticked off at Cox.

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