Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mini Golf

It's hard to believe our two weeks of vacation is already more than half over. For the past couple of days at night there have been thunderstorms and in the morning it's been overcast. This has made the ocean a bit rougher than we would like and a lot colder than we would like. As such we've been hitting the pool a lot.

I'm not particularly a fan of this since we have a pool at home and I have this crazy idea that you should do things on vacation that you can't do at home. Ginger and the kids have this crazy idea that on vacation you should relax and not worry about stuff like that and just have fun.

Looks like Catherine's managed to get a little bit of junk in her trunk.

So after hitting the pool in the morning we went out for a round of mini golf. We ended up going to the Lost Adventure course, because that's where the kids picked. Apparently the deciding factor was they got stickers there last time and they wanted some more stickers. I suppose I've heard of worse reasons to pick a place. Ginger and I opted not to play.

The game was exceedingly close, with Quinn managing to pull out a victory by 1 stroke. Quinn also managed to get a hole in one on hole 11 that qualified for a free game. Considering we got stuck behind a group of four guys that were taking a fair amount of time I had no inclination to go through it again that quickly even if the second game is half off and one of them would be free (although why would you use the free game coupon when it's half off anyway).

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