Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She Will Be Missed

Ginger wrote up a nice piece that covered some of her memories of her grandmother will be read during the funeral.

I have many memories of you, my grandmother, but I have a few favorites I will always remember:

I remember you taking me to the beach when I was young and climbing the sand dunes at Jockey's Ridge

I remember you filming the bridge on the way to the beach for me since I thought it was so long

I remember you always asking me "don't you know about sharing" especially when you ate one of my fries

I remember spending Saturdays at your house and having a wonderful time and eating burned bacon and toast

I remember playing Life and Chinese checkers with you, and you always won!

I remember you loving the birthday cake with the purple icing I made you

I remember you "fixing" my ice cream cones, mostly because I remember them being much smaller after they were fixed

I remember playing with cicadas in your back yard and attempting to climb your big magnolia tree

I remember us eating red, white and blue ice cream around July 4th 1976

I remember your joy at holding your great grandchildren

I remember you playing peek a boo with Quinn

I remember you always looked and acted so young

I remember you could always talk to people and entertain them

Thank you for being such a wonderful grandmother.

So we ended up getting to Richmond last night really late (somewhere between 11 and midnight). Luckily the kids slept most of the trip, but considering they didn't even begin to sleep until well into the trip they ended up missing out on a lot of sleep. Ginger and her Mom did a lot of the funeral planning today and I did my best to try and keep the kids occupied.

The kids at the moment don't seem to be overly affected which is odd since I know they understand the concept of death from when Dobie died. I'm glad they actually got a chance to know her though, I only have vague recollections of my great grandmother (not really sure I remember her at all to be honest).

My memories of her will always be influenced by the fact that when Ginger and I were dating (and even well into the first couple years of our marriage) that she would always remind me how much she liked Ginger's previous boyfriend. Basically how he always brought her flowers (I didn't) and how nice he was (implying I guess that I'm not, which is probably fair). In her defense once Quinn showed up and she realized that Ginger and I were probably going to be together for the long term and those reminders stopped. She was never afraid to speak her mind, and you always knew where you stood with her. The good news is she isn't suffering anymore and she's in a better place.

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