Thursday, July 16, 2009

Piers, Karts And Things That Go Bump

Today we met up with another family from our church that happens to be down here at the same time as us. They're staying at a place right on the beach next to the fishing pier.

The kids had a blast because for whatever reason today the waves weren't too rough and the water level was fairly low for a good way out. This allowed Quinn to be out in the waves solo. Even though the water level was kind of low and he could "solo", that's not to say that Ginger or myself wasn't somewhere nearby. Catherine liked it the water for basically the same reasons as Quinn, but she wasn't as interested in soloing as Quinn was.

The kids shared Quinn's boogie board for a while, but after Quinn rode a wave all the way in he ended up getting some sand in his shorts and that was the end of the Quinn wanting to use the boogie board to ride waves to the beach. So Catherine took over the boogie board at that point. The funny thing was at one point Catherine tried to run away from a wave and ended up riding the wave all the way in.

While the sea was calm for the most part and the water fairly low, that's not to say there weren't the occasional large waves that would come through. The picture above and below were taken right after each other. In the shot above you can see the wave hitting Quinn and then below it takes out Ginger and Catherine.

The shots above and below were taken probably within a minute of each other. That first wave above really hit Ginger and Catherine pretty hard (you can really only see Ginger's hair in the shot).

In the shot above if you look I think the wave just about completely inundated Quinn (he seemed to be struggling to stay above the wave on that one). Not too long after these waves they all came in for a break. We ended up staying at the beach for a couple hours. Probably longer than we should have since Quinn and I ended up pretty red later in the evening. Who would have thought waves crashing into you constantly might remove some of you suntan lotion.

After we got home and cleaned up and had lunch it was already the afternoon. So we headed up the road to the Go-Karts because that's all Quinn has been asking to do since we got here. Catherine didn't want to do the Go-Karts this year, even though Quinn did his best to try and convince her. So in the Junior race Quinn was in there were only three cars. Quinn ran in first and assured he got the car he wanted, the 22 car. He's been talking about getting that car for as long as he's been talking about wanting to go do the Go-Karts (which has been a while now). I don't know how he remembers that's the car he had last year, but he did. As you can see in the shot above he started out in second place.

And then he managed to get into first before the first lap was done coming around the third corner.

After that it wasn't much of a race since none of the cars were too close together and Quinn kept increasing his lead. Quinn was getting close to lapping the last place car before the "race" finally ended.

Needless to say he was pretty stoked about his performance after the fact.

Afterward Quinn managed to convince Catherine she wanted to ride the bumper cars. The bumper cars were really busy when we first got there, but when Quinn and Catherine got in they were the only ones there. So basically the two of them just rammed each other over and over again.

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