Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Stuffed Animal

So earlier in the week I had no idea how the funeral was going to go. Ginger was overly concerned that the children would be rambunctious or something and act inappropriately.

Little did we know at the time they would both act with all the decorum the event demanded, but in order to insure good behavior I basically instituted a bribe promising them a surprise of some type if they managed to not cause any problems during the ceremony. So while we were out for lunch today at a mall in Richmond we came across a Build-A-Bear (a.k.a. Drop-A-Ton-Of-Money-On-A-Stuffed-Animal-And-Accessories) which Catherine immediately wanted to go into. So I decided this could be her surprise, getting a new stuffed animal and accessories. Catherine's newest addition is a dog called Daisy.

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